The Territory

Bardi and the Ceno Valley

Come to Bardi for an ideal fairytale destination!

Bardi is a summer village with panoramic views dominated by the spectacular Castle. It is a great place to enjoy the fresh air and take excursions through peaceful countryside.
Visitors are captivated by the stately Castle, rolling hills and quiet little streets. Bardi is wellknown for its Fortress, built over one thousand years ago on a spur of Red Jaspar Rock. It looms magestically over the Ceno River, standing witness to its Medeival past. The Castle is often host to numerous events throughout the year suitable for all ages: Horror Nights, Dine and Crime, Harry Potter and Medieval Pageants to name a few. There are also interesting
exhibits on display in the Castle rooms’. The Castle is open to visitors who want to explore and discover how life was at Court in the Middle Ages.

Bardi is an area of unspoilt natural beauty, offering excursions on foot or horseback (on a Bardigiano thoroughbred), following paths or mountain tracks. The countryside boasts ploughed fields, green pastures and lush woodlands. Visitors can enjoy relaxing walks along signposted footpaths or have fun picking mushrooms or forest produce in the undergrowth.

Old churches and chapels are dotted around the hamlets of Bardi and are all accessable by adjoining paths. Among these, is the church of Our Lady Of Sorrows in Bardi’s main square. It is home to one of “Il Parmigianino’s” famous paintings – ‘The Marriage Of Saint Catherine’

La gastronomia del territorio

Nothing is better than a good meal and a smile!

Bardi caters to this, offering appetizing dishes exquisitely made from local produce.
The local dairies only use milk produced in the Valceno borough. The unique “Parmigiano Reggiano di Montagna” (Parmesan Cheese) is made fom milk produced in this mountain area.
The cheese acquires a distinctive but balanced flavour, with floral and fruity notes of mountain pastures. It is used liberally to enhance many local dish.
The entire region, especially the Ceno Valley, is suited to the growth of Truffles, mainly the black variety. Mushrooms are another product that are synonymous with our woodlands. The most notorious being the ‘Funghi Porcini’ (Cep Mushrooms ) – they add a subtle flavour to any dish.

These revered ingredients, complement and intensify our classical dishes. ‘Tortelli’ are one of the most typical dishes – exquisite stuffed pasta parcels bursting with fresh ingredients such as, chard, potato, pumpkin, and many more, obviously seasoned with local Parmesan Cheese, Black Truffles or Porcini Mushroom sauce. These three mountain products are also used to enhance rice dishes and gnocchi (potato dumplings).

As you explore our valleys you will discover farmhouses, offering home produce and inns and restaurants ready to introduce you to traditional delicacies.